At Simtec, we take pride in fostering the next generation of engineers!

On June 4th, Simtec had the distinct honor of participating in the 8th Research Activity Workshop at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Thessaly. This prestigious event brought together some of the brightest minds in the engineering field, and we were thrilled to engage with both students and professionals. As a company deeply rooted in the engineering sector, our goal was to discuss industry requirements, share insights, and explore exciting opportunities for employment and collaboration.

The workshop was a hub of innovation and creativity, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of the attendees. Among the highlights were presentations from the renowned research student groups, “Centaurus Racing Team” and “HERMES Team.” These teams exemplify the spirit of ingenuity and perseverance, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in engineering.

Attendees were treated to a rich program featuring cutting-edge methods and groundbreaking research findings. The event highlighted the work of PhD candidates, PhDs, and Postdocs from the School of Engineering, who presented their innovative projects and shared their journey of discovery and development. The dedication and hard work of these individuals were truly inspiring, demonstrating the potential for significant advancements in the engineering field.

At Simtec, we are excited about the future of engineering and are committed to supporting these bright minds as they drive innovation forward. We believe that by nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth, we can help shape a better, more technologically advanced future. Our participation in events like the Research Activity Workshop is just one of the many ways we invest in the next generation of engineers.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the University of Thessaly and other academic institutions, fostering a spirit of innovation and excellence. Together, we can achieve remarkable results and make a lasting impact on the engineering world.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and events as we continue to champion the cause of engineering education and innovation.